"Dare to Dream" Foundation
Pulawska 326
02-845 Warsaw

Fundacja „Dare to Dream"
ul. Puławska 326
02-845 Warszawa
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Our Mission

The Foundation exists to bring opportunities to residents of Polish children’s homes, opening their eyes to the rich opportunities that life provides, and giving them the resources they need to seize those opportunities and break out of intergenerational cycles of dysfunction.

We do that by:
  • Reaching kids when they’re still at the homes, to encourage them in their studies, provide contact with positive role models and international visitors and just spend time with them, showing them they’re valued and cared for.
  • Helping them transition into independent adult life in work or full-time study.
  • Providing ways for them to give back to future generations in the homes.

Our Story

The Dare to Dream Foundation has its roots in a ministry of International Christian Fellowship in Warsaw, with a group of volunteers who began visiting the children’s home in Kowalewo in 2008. At that time, most of the kids were around 10-12 years old, or younger. We’ve been a part of their lives as they’ve grown up, and we’ve come to realize how much support they need in transitioning into adult life.

We also realize that we can’t do it alone; we need support from the business community, both local and international. We created the Dare to Dream Foundation to help involve companies and individuals in addressing those needs in Kowalewo, and to be able to start working with other children’s homes.

How You Can Help

Hire. We’re looking for entry-level positions and internships for young adults. You supply the job, and our volunteers will provide support with housing, English lessons and life skills.

Mentor. We’re looking for volunteers who can devote as little as one hour a week to working with our kids to provide coaching and guidance on life and work skills.

Give. Your support can provide funding for summer camps and other activities for residents of children’s homes; help older kids with rent and living expenses as they study or do unpaid internships; help them get established when moving to a new location for work; and offset the cost of paid training programs.

Donations are tax-deductible in Poland.