"Dare to Dream" Foundation
Pulawska 326
02-845 Warsaw

Fundacja „Dare to Dream"
ul. Puławska 326
02-845 Warszawa
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Sheri Torgrimson, President & Founder

Sheri came to Poland in 1999 as a missionary and stayed. In 2008 she joined an ICF initiative to the Kowalewo Children’s Home. She was drawn back again and again to the kids, and from that beginning, started the “Friends of Kowalewo” ministry to the home. The volunteer ministry grew and in 2015 she worked with Nate and Adam to put together the foundation to better serve the kids and staff. She loves being with the kids and leading the volunteers, the latter job which she recently turned over due to her move abroad to join her husband. When asked how many children she says, Sheri often replies, “Forty-four” (or whatever the current number of kids in Kowalewo is) and waits for the reaction before she explains what she does in Kowalewo.

Nate Espino, Vice-President & Founder

A native Californian, Nate first moved to Poland in 1995. He has also lived and worked in Austria, Ukraine and China, and has been back in Poland since 2014. A former journalist, he's a founding partner of Aldgate Strategy Group, a financial communications agency. He first got involved in the ministry to the Kowalewo Children's Home as a member of Warsaw International Christian Fellowship in 2008. Nate has enjoyed the chance to build relationships with the kids as they grow up, and seeks to be a positive influence in their lives, providing them with opportunities for spiritual, social and vocational development.

Adam Więczkowski, Board Member

Adam, is Polish and lives in Warsaw. He has worked in the pharmaceutical industry and is now running his own company. His first volunteer involvement was in the “Mam Marzenie” (I Have a Dream) foundation and then he started to volunteer on trips to the Children’s Home in Kowalewo a few years ago. At the home Adam helps to lead sports - usually playing football, which he greatly enjoys, in any weather. He is married to Marlena, also a volunteer and they have a two year old daughter.


Don Orr, Chairman

Don Orr is originally from Canada, but has been calling Poland home since 1998. He and his wife Betty have lived in Lublin, Płock, Grudziądz, Białystok and now consider Warsaw home. Don has been engaged in leadership development and is now leading an English speaking international church in Warsaw (icfwarsaw.pl). Don has experience working in a children’s home in Białystok as well as coming from a fragmented family, which includes step-brothers & sisters, and adopted sisters as well. He has two grown children.

Kasia Hutchinson, Board Member

Together with her husband Chris (and now three kids), Kasia has been visiting the Children’s Home in Kowalewo since 2010 and served on the leadership team. Kasia loves being with the kids and says it feels like family to her. She also enjoys helping them after they leave the home and move into adult life. Working in the Foundation helps us to instil into their lives the ideals of respect in one’s family, a work ethos and Christian values.

Tatiana Białek, Board Member