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"Dare to Dream" Foundation
Pulawska 326
02-845 Warsaw

Fundacja „Dare to Dream"
ul. Puławska 326
02-845 Warszawa
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"Dare to Dream" Foundation Projects

  • Housing Project:
    funds are needed to supply housing for youth and young adults who are doing unpaid or low paying internships.

  • Education Project:
    cover costs of university tuition, books or other needs, and non-university/training courses.

  • Garden Project:
    garden project currently underway in Children's Home in Kowalewo. The kids are doing the gardening and learning as well as beautifying the grounds around the home.

  • Language Project:
    English (or other languages) conversation classes to raise funds for foundation projects as well as supply language courses for young people from Children's Homes or foster care who are doing internships or studying.

  • Training Project: to cover training costs for volunteers/staff. (Ex.: doing volunteer work in a children's home, making hospital visits to sick kids, how to react to difficult situations while volunteering, etc.)

  • Camp Project: funds to cover costs of running camps for kids or sending kids to camp.
  • Bible Project: funds will be used to buy Bibles for any kids who want one.

  • Academics Project:
    sponsor educational initiatives or incentives (ex., to motivate learning in kids).

  • Special Event Project:
    funding for events such as Children's Day and Christmas, providing not only presents but an enjoyable afternoon with educational and fun activities for children in homes.